Employee Assistance

What is an EAP?

An Employee Assistance Program is a work based program that helps employees with various types of personal problems obtain appropriate help so that the negative impact on performance may be minimized.

What makes a good EAP?

To help employers choose the most effective EAP, the EAPA (Employee Assistance Professional Association) has identified five vital areas of programming known as the “core technology”. These five areas include:

Comprehensive Assessment

All Employees and their family members should receive a thorough professional assessment of their problem situation.

Effective Referral

When problems are identified, the client should be directed to the most appropriate and cost-effective community resources.

Resource Management

The EAP should monitor the progress that the individual is making in resolving his or her problem in order that time and resources are used effectively.

Management/Supervisor Training

An EAP should help supervisors and managers effectively intervene with employees when productivity problems are present. This function helps employees get help sooner, and provides supervisors with an extremely helpful human resource strategy.

Program Feedback

An EAP provider should furnish employers with accurate anonymous information regarding utilization of the EAP. This information must protect each individual’s privacy, yet allows employers to evaluate the program’s effectiveness.

Although CrossRoads offers many innovative EAP program services and structures, employers can rest assured that the above core technology will be provided by CrossRoads’ EAP staff at the highest level of quality.

How do EAPs help Employers?

  • EAPs help employees maintain better health and well being. This translates to more productive employees.
  • EAPs often help control employer’s behavioral health care costs.
  • EAPs equip management with effective strategies for dealing with troubled employees.

Why Choose CrossRoads?

  • CrossRoads is the most experience provider of EAPs in Rock County
  • CrossRoads employs Certified Employee Assistance Professionals
  • CrossRoads has multiple locations to make access of services convenient and confidential.
  • CrossRoads is dedicated to linking employees with quality cost-effective resources.
  • CrossRoads is able to incorporate health care cost containment structures into EAP models.

What do I do next?

CrossRoads’ EAP consultants are available to discuss your organization’s needs and to answer any questions you may have. Please call (608) 755-5260 to arrange an appointment.

EAP Professional Staff

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