CrossRoads was founded in 1973 by Guy Shilts, Bob Long and Professor Dick Wagner in a store front on Main Street in Janesville. Guy and Bob, two idealistic, long-haired, baby-boomers with compassion and skills, had graduated with Masters Degrees from UW-Whitewater and wanted to make a difference. CrossRoads was one of the first State certified outpatient clinics for mental health services in Wisconsin.

CrossRoads grew, adding psychiatrists, psychologists, therapists and alcohol/drug counselors. As State Certification and Health Insurance Mandates became law during the mid-70′s, CrossRoads presence in the health care community grew and prospered.

The stigma of seeking counseling for personal, emotional, mental health and substance abuse problems has diminished a great deal in 25 years. Treatment and therapeutic methods have been refined, and related technologies – especially in the area of medication – have brought beneficial results to thousands in our community. And, Employee Assistance Programs (EAPs) are now commonly found in the workplace to help troubled employees.

CrossRoads’ trail-blazing in the use of technology began in 1990 with the development of a sophisticated computer system that manages the complex and dynamic data needs and demands of the organization, both clinical and administrative.

In 2002 CrossRoads began a new initiative providing the first South-Central Wisconsin Child-Adolescent Day Treatment Program, followed by a School Based Day Treatment Program in 2008.

And through it all, CrossRoads is still about making a difference, about helping people.


  • On Board to start treatment group home for delinquents – 1st in the state to do so (Beginnings).
  • Founded a drop-in youth center called the Circuit Rider Nursing home consulting in Beloit
  • Taught Man Power Development Training Act
  • Co-founded “Child Abuse and Neglect Network”, the first task force to address needs of children at risk
  • First to integrate AODA & Mental Health treatment and services, now a common occurrence
  • Partnership with Alcohab to use group home model for substance abuse; also Parkside partnership
  • First Group Home for girls (“Harmony”)
  • First Group Home for kids coming out of corrections (“Pathways”)
  • First to enter into insurance contracts in this new age of health plans and HMOs
  • Started co-dependency treatment groups and facilitated co-dependency self-help community groups
  • First to develop EAPs in this area – first contract signed in 1976.
  • Teaching/Internship site for Higher Educational Counseling/Social Work Programs.
  • Day Treatment Programs for Child & Adolescent Mental Health
  • School Based Adolescent Day Treatment Program