CrossRoads Counseling Center links with several Institutions of Higher Education; such as, University Wisconsin-Whitewater, University Wisconsin-Madison, Lakeland College to assist the Graduate and Undergraduate student to further develop skills in a clinic setting. Internships generally last at least one semester, at a limited capacity. In addition to their clinic exposure, interns are assigned to a clinical supervisor that meets with them weekly. Referrals to this program generally come from the schools advisory professor, all intern prospects are interviewed by the clinic before acceptance.


Educational and Training Program Philosophy:

CrossRoads Counseling Center is dedicated to our community and educational partners be honoring our commitment to our professions by facilitating ongoing education and collaborative learning experiences within the practice field. CrossRoads Counseling devotes time and resources to providing educational opportunities to our community partners through ongoing training on the latest trends within mental health, interventions and referral sources.  CrossRoads Counseling also collaborates with our higher education partners to facilitate Bachelor, Masters, and Doctorate level educational opportunities in an effort to link classroom content with practical application.  Students will learn about and facilitate treatment services, under the clinical supervision or a licensed clinician, as they prepare to complete their degrees from accredited educational programs.  Upon completion, students will meet all educational requirements to successfully complete their degree, be prepared to apply for licensure, and ready to enter the field of treatment and service in some capacity.